Thursday, September 3, 2009

How words are twisted....

Saw this post on a local SG forum

Title of post by threadstarter : "Pappy will win the next 2 elections"

S'pore's Lee Kuan Yew: Party will win next 2 votesAssociated Press 2009-09-03 01:02 AM

Singapore's elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew said Wednesday that he expects his People's Action Party to win the next two elections to extend its grip on power by as much as 10 more years."I don't see any problem in the next election or probably in the next one after that," Lee, 85, said at a dinner to mark the fifth anniversary of a college named after him.

This is a good example of how a individual emotion and thought can twist words according to what he/she think/interpret .

To set the record straight, I am neither for or against PAP, I vote for whoever I believe can deliver and govern the country I live in. Honestly I don't care how each individual interpret but posting such twisted words on a public forum is what I can irresponsible.

As the old Chinese saying goes, 静口、修身、齐家、治国、平天下. Gone are the days of people thinking what's supposed to be said and with responsibility.

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