Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking for a iPhone 3GS home button repair service....

My old iphone 3GS finally gives way and a common home button (insensitive) bug bother me for the last 1-2 weeks as I was using the phone overseas as backup.....after some searching on HWZ forum, here's what I found.

Feel there is a problem with your iphone home button. Its seems like unresponsive sometimes when you press it. You have to always press it twice or press it down hard in order to get back to the home screen.
We know what wrong with your home button and can fix it
as brand new perfectly condition.

Charges for home button fix:
Standard Package:
Price including meet up at islandwide MRT station + 1month warranty

Economy Package:
SGD25 Boon Lay In-house service only
or add SGD5 for 1month warranty

Why you should come to us?
1.We are cheapest in town.
2.Meet up islandwide MRT station.
3.We fix it on the spot.
4.Less time within 15mins.
5.No traces of disassemble left.
6.With 1month warranty.
7.Satisfaction guaranteed.
8.Hassle free fix it check it pay for it.

DIY Jailbreak service -
Feel boring for your unjailbroken iPhone?
We know how to make it extremely fun and powerful.
We provide everything and guide you do the jailbreak yourself.
Charges for DIY Jailbreak - SGD$30
How to fix iphone home button
For booking of time, inquiries or feedback
90078093 (Momo)
email to

Going to try him out and see what it leads too...


Isheying said...

Have your IPhone home button repair? Mine also having same issue now...

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